Peterbuilt Boerboel Studs in Texas

Page last updated on: 8/3/2023

Peterbuilt Boerboel Studs located in Magnolia, Texas

We believe in transparency and fairness, therefore, read through this page and have a look at our studs to find any information you may be wanting to know about our stud agreement.

We don’t always require the full stud fee upfront. We know how it is, raising/breeding multiple boerboels can be very expensive. Paying a massive stud fee before you even have any puppies to show for it just doesn’t make much sense. We gladly stand behind anything we promote and we want you to succeed and will not hold you hostage to a massive upfront stud fee that you can’t get away from, especially after it hasn’t been successful a time or two, we’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about it.

Stud Fees
Marino Stud Fee $4000
Hakeem Stud Fee $3000
Sunny Cool Stud Fee $3000

Our Stud Guarantee Terms:

  1. We only ask for $1000 upfront. The remainder is not required till 9 weeks after puppies are born, however, we will discount $500 if payment is paid in full upfront. Example: if the stud fee is $4000 and you decided to pay all upfront, we will only ask for $3500.
  2. We Guarantee at least 4 live (Yes 4) and healthy puppies with no major defects or we do it again the next time. We will repeat the breeding as many times as needed.
  3. We are upfront with all health tests, DNA tests, and we are honest about our boy’s temperaments.
  4. We won’t be done with you once the semen is shipped, we will also help promote the breeding on our website and/or social media. We currently don’t have many litters planned, so we will also be happy to send some of our buyers to you.
  5. The $1000 upfront stud fee payment is your deposit that guarantees we will be available to you when you need us to be.
  6. We post all known information about our studs publicly.
The Fine Print:
  1. We won’t be approving any and all females for stud service. There is some criteria that must be met. The female must have an acceptable level of health testing done and with acceptable results.
  2. We don’t require any specific registries, however, we will want your female to be a good quality boerboel.
  3. Additionally, if your bitch comes from one of the Boerboel kennels we believe are unethical, we unfortunately will not do the breeding. We don’t want our name associated with certain other kennels. We prefer not to speak out about them publicly, but I’ll let you know if this situation occurs.
  4. You will be responsible for the collection and shipment fees for each breeding sent. Our vet has been pretty reasonable with these costs. They are likely one of the best breeding vets in the country. They are also great at getting clients squeezed in when timely breeding services are needed. We will get you squared away with them when the time comes.
    Our vet: Brittmore Animal Hospital located in Houston, TX. Additionally, we can also do the collection and shipment as well. We have all the equipment to do so. Whether at our place or the vet, we will leave the collection option open to you.
  5. Shipping is usually overnight. We can send a slower route if you want to save on some cost and take on some additional risk.
  6. The $1000 upfront fee is not refundable, but unlike many other stud arrangements, you won’t lose the entire cost if you decide to move on and don’t want to try with our dog again.
  7. Then there’s the elephant in the room… “What happens if I don’t pay the remaining amount after I have puppies?” We will pursue civil proceedings to recover the amount owed and to cover our expenses to recoup it. We will not sign a breeding certificate to confirm the breeding for proper registration. We will publicly notify boerboel communities on Facebook and Instagram about your failure to satisfy our agreement.
    We are trusting people and we try to be fair, we don’t anticipate having to take any of the above mentioned actions. We believe others will treat you fairly back when outstanding and fair service has been provided.