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Howdy, let me start by saying, we want you (the buyer) to come see our dogs in person (if it’s practically feasible). Beyond that, we also want you to go visit other boerboel breeders before making a decision on your breeder. We have no reason to be ashamed of the conditions our dogs live in and we don’t want to hide the parents of your potential puppy. We are proud of our dogs and facilities (everyone has 24/7 access to a spacious yard, good sized indoor space and a/c). Our dogs WILL win you over when you see them in person! If a breeder doesn’t welcome you to see ALL of their dogs, I’d suggest you proceed with caution. Same if a breeder cannot provide you with the health records results. Being “Health tested” is different than “Healthy”.

At times we have puppies for sale. Many are sold prior to birth.

The South African Mastiff – Boerboel is one of the biggest dogs on the market. We offer well bred boerboels that have great temperaments, are big & powerful, have great health, are aesthetically pleasing, and have outstanding pedigrees. Come see some of the best Boerboels here in the big state of Texas.

Application – To start the process of owning a Peterbuilt Boerboel.

*Puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee and lifetime support from us. Puppies will have a SABBS and/or NABBA birth certificate/registration (at times AKC or ARBA, depends on the breeding). All of our boerboels are health tested prior to breeding.

Our Boerboels

Our Goal: Is to pair quality Boerboels into quality loving homes. We intend to climb to the top of the boerboel breeder ladder over time. We’d like to become one of the best boerboel breeders that specialize in functional size, temperament, health, and conformation.

The Boerboels we chose to be a part of the PeterBuilt Boerboel family weren’t randomly selected from conveniently close breeders, we researched and sought out the best lines from top reputable breeders. Around half of our boerboels were imported from South Africa.

Our Ethics: We aren’t in this to push out puppies in the fastest most profitable way possible. In fact, most (all so far) of the profits made will be put back into our Boerboels. The cost of a quality boerboel is not cheap; ethically caring for several Boerboels is very expensive. I’ll assure you, we aren’t making as much money on this as you may think. In fact, we have spent over $2 for every $1 received thus far (as of Nov 2023). We are one of the only boerboel breeders we know of that gives their boerboels 24/7 access to an indoor cooled/heated space and outdoor runs. Every dog gets time with at least one of us humans daily and gets to run the big yard with their buddies (or solo if they are one of the ones that don’t care to make dog friends).

If you don’t have an understanding about the breed please read our “Boerboels Explained” section and do some additional independent research about the breed. They are not to be taken lightly. They cannot be placed into careless hands.


Below is an example of how one of our boerboel litters turned out at 10-11 months old.

If you want a quality boerboel, do some research. Get an understanding of the breed standards. Join some of the BoerBoel Facebook groups and follow all the boerboel pages you can find on Instagram. Pay attention to how the average boerboels on those pages look. Begin to get a grasp of what a good boerboel looks like and acts like.

Outside of coat colors, we won’t be breeding dogs that don’t meet the breed standard or dogs that have known health defects. Our litters will be of high quality!

Shipping: We are a boerboel breeder based in Magnolia, Texas, but will work with you to ship a puppy out to you if you are located in the lower 48 States. We won’t be doing international shipping. Shipments are done through ground transport or with a flight nanny as a small puppy.

Common Boerboel questions and common questions we are asked:

Q: How big is a boerboel? How much does a boerboel weigh?
A: There is a wide variety of boerboel body types and body composition, therefore, there is a pretty large variation of body weight range. The males can range in weight between 120lbs and 220lbs. The females weight can range between 100lbs and 180lbs. In general, if you are comparing the boerboel to a Cane Corso, the boerboel will be much bigger than a Cane Corso on average. The build of a boerboel is similar to the Cane Corso, but closer in weight to the English Mastiff.

Q: Why does the price of your puppies vary so widely?
A: Price is dependent on three different factors: 1) The known quality of the paired boerboels. 2) If breeding rights are being given. 3) Gender can also be a factor for some litters.

Q: Why do you charge more for breeding rights? It should just be one price!
A: Building a unique quality foundation takes time, effort, sacrifice, and a lot of cost. Why would we just hand that over to everyone for a Pet price. The higher the parent dog value, the higher the cost. If you don’t want to pay the extra cost, no problem, find a different breeder that’ll sell for cheaper (there’s plenty out there).

Q: What breeds were used to create the boerboel?
A: There were several different variations used to create the boerboel. There is not enough documentation to pinpoint the exact crosses used to create the boerboel.

Q: What is the difference between SABBS, NABBA, ABC, and AKC?
A: A short answer to this is SABBS (South Africa Boerboel Breeder Society) was derived out of SABT. SABBS/SABT was the original founding organization for the boerboel and was established in South Africa. The AKC (American Kennel Club) began to recognized the Boerboel breed in 2015. The ABC (American Boerboel Club) is the official AKC parent club for the Boerboel and is used to transition into AKC registration. NABBA (North American Boerboel Breeders Association) was established in 2013 as a separate club from SABBS based in North America. To us SABBS will always be the standard we aim to uphold.

Q: Are boerboels friendly?
A: Some boerboels are friendly. Most boerboels will be much friendlier in public than when they are on their property. Once they establish a boundary to protect, most will take that job very seriously without you telling them to. This mentality makes them not as likely to be friendly to other unknown people in their area of protection. Lots of consistent socialization at an early age till adulthood will help soften this instinct.

Q: Will a boerboel protect our property and family?
A: Yes, if not, your boerboel isn’t a very good boerboel.

Q: Are boerboels aggressive?
A: They can easily become aggressive. Socialize socialize socialize. Socialization helps with aggression. The boerboels number one job from birth is to protect. This protective instinct will manifest itself beyond just protecting you and property if they don’t get enough exposure to other people, other environments, and other dogs/animals.

Q: Do you have boerboel puppies for sale?
A: Please refer to the Planned Litters or Available Puppies page for what is current.

Q: How smart/intelligent is a Boerboel? Are boerboels easy to train?
A: Boerboels are very intelligent. In our experience, we have been able to train our boerboels rather easily. They are all food motivated. Interesting fact, every one of our boerboels knows how to give a tongueless kiss.

Q: Do you feed your boerboels a raw diet?
A: No. We tried it briefly with poor results. We may try it again in the future with a different approach, but our first experience resulted in very poor poop consistency and no observed benefits. Not counting it out just yet.

Q: Will you ship a puppy?
A: Yes. We will ship to the 48 mainland states in the USA. No international shipping at this time.

Q: How do you ship boerboel puppies?
A: We offer several different options depending on your location, age, and size of the puppy/dog. If the puppy is 20lbs or less, they may be able to fly with a flight nanny. Puppies over 20lbs will generally need to ship with a puppy ground transport service. These options can be expensive, ranging between $500 -$1500. If we are close enough I may be able to meet halfway or at least drive a little bit closer to, so it’s not as far as a drive. However, this all depends on how busy we are.

Q: What is included in your Health Guarantee?
A: The health guarantee covers severe hip dysplasia, severe elbow dysplasia, any crippling genetic defect, and any kind of severe cardiac condition for 24 months. Problems must be evaluated and certified by the orthopedic foundation for animals (OFA). There must be no question and be in writing by your veterinarian, that it was not caused by bad nutrition, rough play, accident, over exercising, or recklessness. The issue must be documented and brought to our attention prior to 24 months of age.

Q: Should I feed my boerboel a high protein diet?
A: Puppies younger than 9 months or so shouldn’t be fed a high protein diet. People love to see and compare how big their boerboel is at ___ insert number of weeks here___ compared to others, which tends to encourage over feeding and improper high protein diets. You may get a bigger puppy (at the time), but they could suffer debilitating joint issues as a result. Overfeeding can cause obesity, which comes with a long list of serious problems for dogs that are already heavy. Underdeveloped puppy joints cannot support the fast increase in weight, this will cause a lifetime of joint discomfort for your dog. Young puppies can suffer from knuckling at the front joints that connect the paw to the leg if they grow too fast. To be safe stick to a diet that is around 26% protein or so.

Here’s what we feed our boerboels:

Q: What do I feed a boerboel puppy?
A: We feed puppies diamond puppy formula kibble from around 6 weeks till 12 weeks old. After that they are fed Victor brand kibble.

Q: Are boerboels active?
A: Some are more active than others, but in general boerboels are pretty relaxed dogs. They will be about as active as you are. They will want to be doing what you are doing or at least be nearby.

Q: Recommended boerboel breeders
A: US based breeders: Black Iron Boerboels, Mae Boerboels, Outlaw Boerboels, Qubitron Boerboels, Bonebluff Boerboels, Leontix Boerboels, and Freedom Boerboels. I will add more soon.
Recommended South Africa Based Breeders that I know can be trusted: Bostu BoerBoels, Afrika Boerboels, Brandvlei Boerboels, La Boela Boerboels, Klein Sandfontein Boerboels, and Elevation Boerboels.

Q: How do you prevent bloat? Do boerboels get bloat?
A: Yes, bloat is something to be concerned about with the boerboel breed. Bloat is very serious and can result in death in a matter of hours if not treated by a vet. We haven’t had any issues with bloat yet, but here are some pointers that we have picked up to help keep the possibility of bloat low: 1) Don’t raise the food/water bowls. You’ll hear the opposite from some sources, but the actual studies that have researched bot raised and on the ground bowls suggest raised bowls caused a higher risk of bloat. 2) Do not allow your boerboel eat after or before rough/strenuous activity/play. 3) If your boerboel is a fast eater, slow them down. 4) Feed them more than once a day.

Q: Are boerboels dog aggressive? Can two or more boerboels get along?
A: I would say most boerboels are not going to get along with other large intact dogs of the same sex. There are exceptions, but it’s rare and/or would take a tremendous amount of specialized training. Two boerboels of opposite gender or a boerboel paired with another large dog of the opposite sex will likely do fine together. Boerboels paired with smaller dogs will have a higher success rate for compatibility. Two intact boerboels of the same sex will have higher chance for success if they grow up together, but even then, things can turn into a bad situation at a drop of a hat. We’ve experienced two sisters that loved each other greatly turn on one another after 3 great years together and heard of other similar stories.

Q: What’s the best boerboel chew?
A: This question can vary with each boerboel. We have some boerboels that are slow chewers and can eat rawhide chews. Some will try to swallow an entire large rawhide roll after only 5 minutes, which is very dangerous. Deer/Elk antlers have been pretty decent options across the board for the boerboels.

Q: What are good boerboel treats?
A: We found beef lung bites to be great treats for boerboels. They don’t have preservatives, it’s just one ingredient, no additives, and the dogs love them. These can be found on Amazon. Image below.

Q: Do boerboels have a prey drive?
A: Our experience comes with mixed reviews on this issue. I would say their prey drive has a lot to do with how you raise them. If you encourage the prey drive, they will for sure develop it, but if you discourage it, they will likely do much better with it. Some may never let off the gas, but they will likely do much better if you show them at a young age what they can and can’t do.

Q: how many meals a day do your boerboels eat? How much do boerboels eat?
A: Our boerboels eat twice a day. Our big boy Brandvlei Marino and our boy Peterbuilt Hakeem eat about 12-14 cups of dry Victor dog food kibble a day, half in the morning and the other half about 4 hours before bed time. We like to mix in the Victor High Protein for the adults (1/4 of the amount will be high protein). Afrika Drogo eats about 6-7 cups a day. Every boerboel seems to need a different amount and that is not always based on their weight. Some metabolize calories differently.

Q: How many puppies in a boerboel litter?
A: 7-10 puppies per litter seems to be a pretty reasonable average. I’ve seen 18 puppies and some bitches can have 16 puppies on a regular basis.

Q: Are boerboels good family dogs?
A: Yes, with your family.

Q: What are common boerboel health problems?
A: Hip and elbow dysplasia. Hearth problems. Bloat. Skin and ear allergies. Interdigital cysts. Bone cancer seems to be the most common cancer I’ve noted from things I’ve seen.

Q: What are common Boerboel colors?
A: Brown, reddish brown, fawn (blonde/tan), black, piebald, and dilutes. The trip-color black and tan is rare, but is also found on some boerboels.

Q: What is the lifespan of a boerboel? How long does a boerboel live?
A: 9-12 years is what is commonly cited.

Q: What is the boerboel bite force?
A: Who really knows. Some say 800psi, but there is no real study that has accurately measured the boerboel bite force. All we know is their bite is very powerful.

Q: Do boerboels drool?
A: Some drool a lot. Some won’t drool much at all and only at the sight of something yummy. Typically the longer the mouth hangs down, the higher the chance for drool. The tighter the mouth equals less drool.

Q: Do boerboels shed?
A: Yes. They shed just as much as many other dogs, its just not as noticeable.

Q: Where boerboels used to fend off/fight lions?
A: From what I understand the short answer to this is technically no. They were bred to protect the farms in South Africa, which could include many dangerous animals, however, a lion is much too large and strong for a boerboel to take on. Maybe a pack of several boerboels could do the job.

Q: Do boerboels bark a lot?
A: Most boerboels bark only when they feel it is needed. There are some that will bark at anything that moves.

Q: How much do boerboels cost?
A: The price range is pretty big with the boerboel breed. They can range between $1000 to $7000. The majority will sell between $2500-$3500. I’ve seen some low quality boerboels sell for $5000+ and some really good ones sell for $2500. Do your research about the breeder. If a breeder is selling their boerboels for $5000+, don’t health test, don’t do contracts, treat their dogs like poop, but they have some viral videos on the Instagram, then there’s a good bet someone just grossly overpaid for a low quality dog.

Q: Who has the biggest boerboels?
A: First off, there is way more to the boerboel breed than just size. Nonetheless, we also acknowledge size is what makes the boerboel so attractive to most people. With that said, there’s many breeders that have one or two very large boerboels. Some are large due to being tall and long, some are big because they are fat, and some are large due to muscle and bone mass. Pay attention to what is being considered as “large”. Our girls were all “bigger” in the past, but we decided to keep them healthier and leaner now. They are still big, they are just a better type of big. Our boy Brandvlei Marino is a very large boerboel and is one of the leanest boerboels at a weight over 185lbs.

Q: Do you allow visitors to come see your dogs?
A: Absolutely. You need to come see these boerboels in person to fully appreciate them. Pictures do not do them justice.

Q: Are boerboels athletic?
A: This can depend on the line of boerboel. Our Afrika Zimbie and her son Peterbuilt Hakeem are very athletic. They are fast, agile, and have a lot of stamina. Our big guy Marino is like a power lifter, he is very large and strong, but does not have much agility and stamina.

Q: Can boerboels live in an apartment?
A: I’m sure there have been cases where this has worked out fine, but in general I would advise against it. You would need to take them out for long walks and let them stretch out with some running.

Q: How can I ship a boerboel from South Africa? How much does it cost to ship a boerboel from South Africa? What is required to ship a boerboel from over seas?
A: As of the date I am writing this (3/8/23), the shipping cost is very high and the process is extensive. The process can take 6+ months to complete. Due to US CDC guidelines (for very little reasoning) boerboels or dogs in general being shipped from high rabies risk countries have to have the following: The boerboel must be vaccinated with a USA approved rabies vaccine. A rabies vaccine titer test must be done one the boerboel, pictures of the dog’s teeth, you must have a valid passport, dog must be at least 6 months old, must also have a microchip. Once you have those items you can then apply for the CDC Permit. The CDC Permit can take 6-8 weeks. When you finally receive the permit, the Boerboel will then need to fly out. Finding flights for the boerboel can take time and can be very expensive depending on the time of year and which airlines are allowing them to fly. Emirates Cargo was our only option when we last imported. Emirates is also one of the most expensive. The shipping cost averaged $5000 per dog. Be prepared to pay even more cash when you go to pickup the boerboels from the airport; also be prepared to jump through some more hoops. You will need to clear your boerboel through Homeland Security Customs and bring that paperwork back to the shipping company’s delivery bay.

CDC Dog Import Permit – link to the CDC dog import page.

Q: We just picked up our import boerboel from the airport, now what?
A: First off, I hope you prepared and brought a vehicle big enough to accommodate the big crate/kennel the boerboel flew in. You have no clue how that dog is going to act once you open that crate door, so its best to be off location and safely at home before doing so. Take proper precautions once home with your import boerboel and try to open their crate inside a controlled enclosure. Some will warm up to you immediately (all of ours did), I have heard of some being very aggressive/angry upon arrival. Get them some food and water, it may have been awhile since they got to eat. Our poor boy Marino went the entire 2 day journey without any food. The bag given was still taped to the top of the kennel when he arrived. I assume they feared letting him out during his layover in Dubai because of his size and he growls like a lion (his lion growls are just normal noises with him though and not aggressive). I was honestly a bit hesitant to open the kennel door, because I had no clue how he’d react to the whole situation. But he just came out the kennel very hungry!

Q: What does a boerboel stud fee cost?
A: Our stud fees range between $2500 and $4000 at this time. The price on our top studs will raise in the near future depending on amount of usage. Stud fee does not include semen collection fee, packaging, and shipping costs. You may find others charging up to $8000 for stud fees.

Q: What do FCI and OFA health scores mean?

Q: How tall are boerboels?

Q: What is a boerboel appraisal?