Peterbuilt Hakeem

Available for stud service

SABBS 81.4% at 15 months
(Afrika Zimbie 87.8% x Afrika Drogo 84.6%)
OFA Hips prelims @14 months: Fair 
OFA Elbows prelims @14 months: Clear
PennHIP: Right 0.46 Left 0.49
OFA Cardiac: Clear
DOB: 7/11/21

Hakeem has taken largely after his mom Zimbie, which is why we kept him. He’s still on the tall lanky side (like Zimbie was at 15 months), but we expect him to broaden out nicely as he passes years 2 and 3. Hakeem is very athletic and is our fastest boerboel. He’s smart, loyal, and home protective.

Health Certificates