Black Iron Remi

SABBS 83.6% (KS Judge 93.4% x KS Alja 80.8%)
OFA Hips: Fair
OFA Elbows: Normal
DOB: 12/5/19
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Remi is our big girl. Remi was breaching the 180lbs mark of a little while, with some tweaks to her diet she is now a healthy and fit weight of just under 170lbs. This girl has muscle and thick bone. She is an absolute force! Remi is a relatively calm girl that just wants some love and butterflies (she loves butterflies). Fortunately she’s with the right family, plenty of room for boerboel lovins here. Remi has a big wide chest, deep torso, with thick shoulders and neck; she closely takes after her Sire Black Iron Judge.

Remi will be heading in for a SABBS reappraisal within the next year, I anticipate a much better score than what she has now (the appraisal was done over zoom).